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    • The United Insurance Company SC Launches Online Insurance Sales!

      The United Insurance Company SC launches Online Insurance sales using a portal, named as UNIC Online, for online sales of insurance products. Motor third party, Travel and Family Funeral Plan are included products in the new online insurance portal.  

      The online insurance portal lets customers select products from the existing list. Customers can easily get insurance quotes for a product they want to purchase. Having correctly filled the required fields, customers will promptly come to know the premium amount they are required to pay for the cover they need.

      Once the customer gets the quoted price, then he/she will be directed next to provide ownership information and product related information. Having confirmed that they have agreed with the stated terms and conditions and verified the provided information is correct; customers are directed to process the payment.

      Not only does the portal brings closer the company and its customers, but also makes premium payment easy, as <UNIC-ETHIOPIA>  has partnered with two renowned local Banks, Commercial Bank of Ethiopia (CBE) and United Bank, to enable customers make premium payment using mobile and online services the two banks provide. The insurance premium is system generated and hence removes any instances of human error and also reduces the time taken to calculate premiums.

      “Anytime and from anywhere” explains <UNIC-ETHIOPIA> ’s General Manager W/o Meseret Bezabih, “customers can get our services. What makes the portal more endeared in addition to saving time and shortening distance, is its user friendliness and ease to access.”

      With a nod from National Bank of Ethiopia, Corporate customers, Brokers and Agents will be given special access to the portal. Purchasing insurance online is convenient, fast and relatively cheaper. All the customer needs is internet connection. 

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